DMB – Digital Money Bits, Your Solution for Reliable Cross-Border Remittance Industry

Digital Money Bits (DMB) is a Free Open Source Project derived from Bitcoin, with the goal of providing a long-term, energy efficient, scrypt-based cryptocurrency. Built on the foundation of Bitcoin, PPCoin and NovaCoin, innovations such as proof-of-stake help to further advance the field of cryptocurrencies.

Coin Specification

  • Name: Digital Money Bits
  • Ticker: DMB
  • Supply: 131,000,000 Total MAX Supply
  • PoS reward: 12
  • PoW reward: 30 DMB per block
  • DMB MN reward: 75 DMB
  • Required FOR MN: 100000
  • Algorithm: Scrypt
  • Address Letter: x
  • RPC Port: 35098
  • P2P Port: 35097
  • Confirmations of Accepting a transaction = 6
  • Confirmations of Mined coins = 20
  • PoW last 10000
  • PoS first 10001
  • Block size: 3MB
  • Block time: 150 seconds
  • StakeMinAge = 8 hours

Development Plan

  • DMB Bungee – Transaction Recall Options
  • Contact reputable exchanges that will list DMB and make the coins available to more traders and enthusiasts.
  • Introduce the coin to the community by providing bounties and air drops, particularly for Merchants.
  • Engage in Massive Crypto Educational Marketing Campaigns for online and offline Merchants.
  • Look for more exchanges to make DMB available now to a bigger trading community.
  • Evaluation of supply and demand after its halving to determine if the coin supply should be burned or swapped.
  • Continuous development by introducing new technology for security purposes and to provide more value to the coin.
  • Allocate a sustainable amount to chosen charities.
  • Create crypto awareness among Merchants and encourage them to use DMB to foster a continuous demand for the coin.


Trade at you own risk!  DMB is not responsible for any losses